Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Mighty Avengers #3 Review

This issue is mostly a holding issue, not much happens with the whole Ulrton Babe. The Sentry and the Ultron Babe slug it out for a bunch of pages. The carrier almost crashes...again. And the rest of the Avengers just stand around.

-Hank Pym and Tigra-nice to see them back together again. It's not out of left feild, they have had a fling in the past. The whole ex-wife joke was not all that funny, though.

-The Helicarrier Falls--Not so exciting drama, however. The helicarrier is SHEILD's diamond elephant, it can't be destroied or even damaged much. When you see SHEILD you must have the helicarrier there too.

-They catch the falling Helicarrier--Please. Even if Sentry and Wonder man can lift the tons of do they fly and lift the weight? Why does not the helicarrier break up? nothing so big and massive could be held by something the size of a man. Chances are they would just go through the hull, still holding the chunk they have thier hands on.

-When the Ultron Babe takes over the helicarrier's computers, it uses the real Ultron face.....why?

-The Black Widow takes charge--it's a nice bit where she takes command. We know she has the strgenth and personality to do this, and all. I wonder how she is a 'level ten' though?

-The Sentry vs. Ultron Babe fight-- is just boring. They puch with 'all the power in the universe'.....and knock each other down.

As not much happens, this is just a holding 'C'.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider 2008 Review

---So the New Knight Rider was on last night. It was not so bad, over all it gets a 'C'. As a plot movie, they had to take a lot of time to just introduce all the characters, so there was not much plot or story. Evil warriors for hire trying to take over the world has been done to death...but guess they needed a easy bad guy(s).
-K.I.T.T.-now he is a diffrent car and computer and all. He has fancy nanites that fix him up in seconds and let him change colors and make a tail fin. He can also make cell phone calls, uses GPS, satalitie up-links, and hacks other computers. That's it though. I missed no Turbo Boost.
-Mike-He is an ex-ranger who knows lots of women. The movie did not make it clearwhy he was the lone knight. He of course has a 'thing' for the female co-star.
-Sara-your standard attractive super smart woman.
-F.B.I. Lady-well shw was on the show and is a lesbian.
-Garage buddy-the guy on the show for comical stuff.

--Plot Oversights--
-So the old guy had no security for his computer program that can destroy the world? Sure he lost power...but he had a back-up. And no robot guards? And why no emergency escape plan? And why did he not have even a cell phone?
-The daughter looks a bit young to be a proffessor?
-Once they all meet up at the motel...they just stand around and get caught. They knew the bad guys were there...yet they still stood around.
-How did the daughter turn K.I.T.T. back on? Did she even know about the car? The show is a bit unclear here...was she not talking to her dad or were they working together on the car?
-The cops sure show up seconds after the big crash.
-Why did Michale Knight have to go 'away'?

--Equipment Oddities--
-The chase is odd. You have K.I.T.T. a multi-million dollar super car. Lets say he can go even just 100 miles and hour(though 300 is also possible). How do the bad guys stay in the chase? They are in a normal car. Normal cars can't even go 100 mph+. And then there is the matter of control on the crazt mountain roads. You don't get much control at 100 mph...and you have to slow down at turns.or your flip or worse. Yet...the bad guys easly chase K.I.T.T.
-Even after 25 years...K.I.T.T. still has no weapons. OK so the creator is a peace loving guy and all....but there are tons of non-lethal stuff he could have. Sonics would be a good choice
-So the car needs the nanites to be bulletproof? That's odd. The old tyme car was just normal bulletproof
-How did K.I.T.T. absorb the impact of the crash. Sure the nanites fix the car....but how did the car stay on the road? What fancy technology could make the tires stick to the road? Nanite treads?
-So the new K.I.T.T. drops out of a plane. OK...guess that works...but where to you land the huge cargo plane in the first place. People kind of notice huge cargo planes. And unless the plane will just circle in the air all the can only land at air ports. That makes it easy for the bad guys to find you.

--Sad Signs--
-The love between the daughter and Michale.'s just an over done plot.
-They use the 'we can't figure out how to end the story, so we get the good guys caught' horrable plot cheat.
-When they esacpe we get the weak daughter stop Michale from killing the bad guys.
-Mom gets killed for no reason.
-Michale races after the bad guys to get vengance for his mom's death......and does nothing.

--Well, let see if it becomes a show

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mighty Avengers #2 Review

-This issue starts off a bit slow, showing Wonder Man joinning. Then it's back to the Ultron Babe battle. Here we get a little recap of each Avenger, via the little Stark Log boxes. I find theas logs odd. For Wonder Man, and only him, it lists the other groups he was a member of in the past. Why not for everyone else? And again, why does not the Stark computer know who Mole Man, the Molanoids and the monsters are?
--Then we get to it was the Ultron Babe that attacked Subterranea. With the wild weather, I guess. And naturaly when attacked by wild weather, Mole Man strikes back and attacks New York...right.
--Then we slow down again and show the Sentry joinning. I just don't like this type of format.
--And back to the battle. When we see all that wasted time they took to have a dynamic team, was worthless. The 'Strong Guy', 'Thor', 'Ninja', and 'Wolverine' team with the 'best' Avengers, no less, can't do anything against the Ultron Babe...except fall down.
--And slow down to the Black Widow joinning...sigh.
--Then we get to see Ares attack! Yea! Of course he just breakes his axe and gets zapped..but he tried. I wonder if he had a 'magic' Olympian axe, or just a normal one?
--Then slow down and show Wasp joinning.
--Then back to the so called battle...where the Wasp notices that the Babe looks just like her, and that it's 'Ultron'. And Ultron loves the Wasp?

--In all not so much happens in this story. Every couple of pages things slow down to show you how everyone joined. I would liked it to be all the slow stuff in #1 and #2 the Ultron Babe. The Mighty Avengers themselfs, just sit around...or fall down in this issue. I'll still give it a 'B' though

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Mighty Avengers #1 Review

This issue opens with a spalsh page showing all the (new) Mighty Avengers. The first thing I don't like so much is the little Stark File boxes. I don't mind the information, but it's just a waste of space to put thoes little 'click tab for more information'. Someone should tell them you can't click a tab in a printed comic book. And then we get to see all the Mole Man's monsters attacking, again.

Then we get the flash back of Iron Man and Ms. Marvel forming the team. They talk about how they will pick a team and not let fate do it. Then it's a couple of pages back to the fight. And back to the forming of the team. They talk of how they need a dynamic team, not just all one type of person. Then the 'hunt down the New Avengers' forshadowing is done. And back to the fight.
Then we get the split pages of picking the team and showing them in battle. Then they have the 'we need a Wolverne and a Thor and a ninja' chat. Then they recruit Ares. Go back to the fight for a bit. Then the weather of the wold goes wild. Mole Man pops up with some vague 'you killed my world' speech. And Iron Man morphs into the Ultron Babe.
I've never been a fan of this type of flashback storytelling. I'd be fine with a dozen team forming pages and then the dozen battle pages.

The Team-

-Iron Man-No problem here, founding member and is in charge and all. And I do like Iron Man.
-Ms. Marvel-Why back to Ms. Marvel? I liked the name Warbird much better. Guess it's 'Marvel' comics os it's 'Ms. Marvel'. I like her has team leader, she has come a long way.
-The Wasp-I've always liked the Wasp. Always one of my favorate Avengers. Though I'm not sure she was the 'best' Avenger
-Wonder Man-He is OK, I don't like or dislike him. And the team does need a 'Strong Guy'.
-The Sentry-Ugh. I have this character. Such a lame Superman clone. And a Lame '1950's pulp' story. And he is crazy too. Guess he will 'die' soon enough though.
-Black Widow-I like her too. She has that nice, hard edge.
-Ares-I have no idea where he came from. Sure I've seen the God Ares a bunch of times in the Avengers books....but the Ares living on Earth with a kid? I don't read every Marvel book..and I don't like it when I miss stuff. His character is tough enough for a 'Thor' and 'Wolverine' character.

The 'Thor', 'Wolverine' and the 'Ninja'. A ninja? In 2008? Ninja's are so last century. I just don't think they are 'so cool' anymore. A 'Thor' I'd guess is seprate from a 'Strong Guy' that every team must have. Thor for the vague mystical commection? And simple brute force? And the 'Wolverine'. This is the worst one. Even Wolverine is not Wolverine, not in a group. It's not like the group will let Wolverine BE Wolverine. Wolverine understands that to save lives/the world you might need to kill, not just knock the bad guys down. The rest of the group will never go for this, so why bother having a 'Wolverine' there at all. Say Doctor Chaos shows up and wants a zillion bucks or he will crash the moon into the Earth. 'Wolverine' runs up and beheads him. Will the rest of the Avengers pat him on the back and give him a cigar?

Polt Problems-Why was Mole Man attacking again? Just to have a monster bash?
-Why did not Iron Man or Wonder Man or The Wasp figure out that they are fighting 'Mole Man ' monsters? They have all fought them before. Why does not the 'Stark Log' identify them?
Ultron-so now ultron is a 'Termanator' type Babe? What? Why? Ultron is a metal robot, with an iconic look. If your going to make a whole new character, why not give them a new name? This was not Ultron, at least Ultron in name only.

In all I give it a 'B'. There are problems, but not too many big ones.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fiction Descriptions (1)

A list of fictional descriptions I use for various things found in fiction, be it Movies, TV shows, Novels or Comic Books.

Cabbagehead-This is where a character, who should know better, plays dumb and acts like they don't know something they should know. This is typicaly done to give the readers/viewers information they need in the plot.

Technobable-This is meaningless science sounding talk.

White Elephant-This is an important items that is lost accendently, often by carelessness, to draw out a stoerline.

Diamond Elephant-This is an important, iconic item that the character can never, ever loose. No matter what the character wil get the item back by the end of the story.

A Causal Effect-This is where something happens to a specific item or character becasue it won't matter in the long run.

G-Clothing-This is odd clothing that no matter what covers a characters private parts.

Deep Pockets-This is the ability of a character to carry around a large amout of bulky items unseen, until the plot calls for them.

Phantasmal Death-This is a dramatic looking death for a character, at least when it happens. It gives a false sense of drama at that time. Though the character will pop up later, having just ducked in time or whatever.

Anything Power-This is a power that can do anything. Almost.

Anythingneasha-This is when a character forgets they have an anything power and what they can do.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"The pen is mightier then the sword, if it has been sharpened to a fine point, dipped in deadly poison and is thrown from ten feet away. But really, you're better off with a sword"--Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"The perfect society will occur only when kings become philosophers and philosophers are made kings" --Plato